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Newly single and hitting Vancouver…

Date with PI was pretty fun.  He was super cute.  Dinner was good, conversation was good, movie was good…  Yeah good.  But nothing spectacular.  Correction, the volume of his voice was spectacular.  Wow.  Loud talker.  Anyway, we’re buds on Facebook but likely nothing more than that.  Maybe hang as friends but yeah, no chemistry.

As for Blush…  This is perfect…

I have been “dating” Blush but I’m pretty messed up and confused.  I think we have different ideas about the potential there – [insert boot stomping my heart *here*].  Sigh.

In the meantime, distraction is good for me.  I went on a first date last night (it went much better than I anticipated; lots of laughing).  I have another first date planned for tonight.  I’m such a playa.

But, the real reason for this post: I’m going to end this blog.  Oh, don’t cry.  I’m working on a new blog concept so if you still want to follow my antics, please let me know.  Leave a message here, or send me a tweet or dm @49firstdates.

Thank you so much for following along on my adventures these last two years.  It’s been a slice.


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Thank you so much for the advice and feedback from my last post, How Do You Do It?  I am taking your advice and am going on my first date with PI tomorrow, excitedly with an open mind.  He’s big on human rights and works in the medical field so if anything, I can assume he’s not a total asshole and at least I’ll meet a friend…

I hadn’t talked to PI in well over a week so checked in this morning to see if he was still on for tomorrow night.  He quickly replied:

ImageWe’re planning to meet for Indian (seems an obvious choice, no?) and then head to “Life of Pi”.

Sidebar: I love random finds: What are some good names for Indian restaurants that are based on puns?  My favourites are Korma Cameleon, Naan Stop and Curry On.

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— Cautious — Careful — Considering — Heedful — Premeditative — Antonyms of impulsive and none that describe me.  I have never been good at moderation.  I’m passionate, rash and impulsive and possibly spontaneous to a fault.  So, when I’ve got my head into something or a new, exciting idea, it’s near impossible to talk me out of it (unless of course, you have a roadtrip proposition, I’m outta here).  This is my life, and unfortunately, my love life as well.

I’ve never really understood how people “date” multiple people when they’re interested in someone.  Like I’ve shared in WHY, I’m always in a relationship (or taking some time for myself sans dating).  I love everything about relationships.  I had a year maybe when I was 21/22 where I “dated”.  Was seeing a few different people at the same time, none exclusively…  I guess that’s what much of this last couple of years has been too.  But as you can see, they seem to be a big string of first dates with limited chemistry…

So, I’m just pondering here…  How can I get stoked to go on Friday’s date with PI when I’m so wrapped up in BLUSH?

How do you do it?

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Sidebar: You wouldn’t believe the number of adorable photos of kittens you can find when you search “kittens in love“…  I’m impressed, and I’m not even a big fan of kittens.  Screw that, I love kittens.  Who doesn’t love kittens?  Horrible, horrible people.  I digress.

Smitten kitten, that’s me; MEOW!  I’ve spent much of my spare time recently either hanging with BLUSH (you met BLUSH here), helping BLUSH with some fun online projects or daydreaming about BLUSH.  I’m doomed!

Our epically long dates #51 and #52 included:

  • Eats at El Camino’s on Main (@el_caminos on Twitter).  Sunday brunch ends at 2:00 (bullshit)  Does anyone know how they make the Chickpea Fritas rectangular?  Curious…  Food was pretty decent, server was nice.
  • Eats at Pho Nhuan Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup on Rupert.  Don’t order vegetarian pho; they put hair in it.
  • Sushi at Sushi Garden Japanese Restaurant on Kingsway.  Pretty fresh and fantastic.
  • Homemade popcorn a mi casa.  Loved learning how to make this.  Coconut oil & spices, #nomnomnom.
  • Canadian Tire.  Nothing says sexy like a flat tire.
  • YouTube surfing: Comedian Kev Hart (LOL), and a bunch of music videos including some of my favourites: Bloom by the Paper Kites (the lyrics get me every time!), Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie, and Halocene by Bon Iver.
  • Movie snuggling: If you haven’t seen Lars and the Real Girl, you must.  It’s a classic.  Who knew Ryan Gosling can sing!
  • 1 game of cribbage.  I got schooled.
  • 1 goodnight kiss!  BOOM!

So scary (and foreign) to feel so vulnerable.  But I’m game.

P.S. Trysting is tiring.  Gloriously, gloriously tiring.

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ImageWell hello there tiger.  Rawr.

Pi (I introduced you to Pi here) and I have a date set for January 11th.  I’ve never set a date so far in advance (he’s got quite a work schedule) so I’m hoping any anticipation doesn’t fizzle out by then.  We’re planning to do the cliché dinner and movie date.  Thus far Pi seems kind and funny, adventurous and a little granola.  I’m into it.  He’s super cute too.

I’m hoping this one doesn’t end as disastrously as the one with Fancy Pants.  After that dinner and movie (our 4th date), I couldn’t even stand to give him a hug goodbye.  After the dinner and movie, we grabbed some drinks and he worked hard to insult me and start an argument to “test me” and see how I handled it.  I was all fired up and in the end he was dumbfounded that I had no interest in seeing him again.  He kept repeating.  “But I like you.  I don’t understand, like you.”  Total DB.

Will my Pi be sweet and innocent like Pi, or fierce and full of personality like the tiger?

I’m hoping a little of both.

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I hit 49 and am yet to find a “one”…  I think I’m going to tack on another 50 and make it 99.  Does that work for you all?  Plus yes, I need to update my List…  I will, ok?

On another note, I’ve been talking to two new prospects from OkCupid.  One is ultra-promising (we’ll call him Pi*) and an official date is in the works.  The other is ultra-not-going-to-happen (let’s call this one Blush*) because I’m stationary for the first time in my life and they’re going places.  Sigh…  But it doesn’t mean friendship [or more] is impossible, right?

  • ME:We wouldn’t work, but you’re adorable.
  • BLUSH: “Well that’s too bad. You’re super cute too.”

I suppose I was asking for it.  Oooo, potential love interest is so freakin’ exciting!  *blush*

*Pi – One who plans to see “Life of Pi” with me, and acknowledged my dislike of Pie in their first message to me.

*Blush – One whose mere name in my inbox makes me blush.

WARNING: The romantic in me is back!

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FacebookOtherMailboxThis post needs to start with some Facebook education.  Did you know that Facebook decides which messages are worthy of making it into your inbox?  Then Facebook filters everything else into this “other” inbox.  See there in the photo?  Other.


I found out about this “other” inbox today and yeah, it was filled with crap about more crap I don’t care about.  But buried deep in my inbox abyss I found THIS gem:

FacebookMessageThis was a message from Tequila who if you remember (Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off), I kind of really liked.  But he also kind of disappeared.  I knew he was going out of town for a couple weeks but then never heard from him again.  Or so I thought!…

Is it too late to write back?  This was literally a year and a half ago.  But I’m still single (er, single again) and he might be right?

Or do I finally accept the fate in Facebook in deciding this message should be hidden?

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